Avondale Connect FAQ's

    Why do I need to register?

    We want AvondaleConnect.org to be a safe and productive place for you to learn about what's going on around City, and also to provide your ideas, concerns, questions, and feedback. Social media is great for blasting a message out there, but not great for empowering productive conversations on specific issues or projects.

    By asking you to register we not only encourage accountability and a safe place in the forums and engagement tools, but we're also better able to capture your feedback in a way that the Staff can use to make decisions and then communicate back to you.

    Is my privacy protected?

    Yes! Your privacy is absolutely protected, and the City will only use your email to contact you with updates. Neither your email address nor any demographic details will be distributed to any third party or used for any other purpose. We do not ask for your personal details or require them at any time as part of your participation. For more information, see the Privacy Policy.

    Why is the City of Avondale engaging online?

    We love meeting you in person and this website doesn't replace that, but not everyone can attend public meetings when they're scheduled.  Avondale Connect offers an alternative way to engage. 

    Here's what Avondale Connect can offer:

    • *It's a quick and convenient way to have your say on a range of issues and topics, anytime that suits you.
    • *With easy access to supporting documentation and resources right there on the project page, you can learn all about the issue and be better informed.
    • *You can see what neighbors and other community members think about an issue and offer your own view.
    • *This allows for a range of different people, with different views to come together and discuss matters that may impact their community.

    How will my feedback be used?

    As a part of the Avondale community, your voice is important. City staff makes the best possible decisions based on the information they have, but without your feedback, they can't know what the community is thinking or feeling about any given issue. Through the tools provided on Guiding Avondale, staff can collect your feedback and actually incorporate it into their processes. The platform we use for the website provides powerful background analytics so we can actually understand the data and feedback you provide and apply it to plans moving forward.

    Every tool chosen for each conversation on the site is carefully selected to based on different engagement levels.

    How We Engage

    The overall strategy to guide public engagement in projects.
    The levels of engagement are:
    Give information to the community.
    Acquire feedback from the community.
    Community input and feedback influence the process.
    Work together to form solutions and integrate advice into the final decision.

    Are comments on the site moderated?

    All public comments are moderated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. vetting for inappropriate language, comments that disrespect other participants and/or city staff, and comments that are off-topic or offensive.

    All moderation is carried out by Bang the Table and is independent of the City of Avondale. The moderators do not edit or alter any comments and will only remove comments deemed to be significantly off-topic, offensive, or malicious, in which case they are removed from the site immediately and the person who posted the comment is advised by email. See the moderation policy for more information.

    Is the City's old website being taken down?

    No. AvondaleAZ.gov will continue to be our official website where you'll access a ton of great information. But that website is not designed for allowing you to engage with us or with the host of projects and issues currently on our plates. So avondleconnect.org is that place - dynamic, interactive, and fun!